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Rolex Cloisonne Enamel Dials Of The Past

Cheap Rolex Replica Cloisonne enamel is a special enamel technique whereby the artisan uses thin strips of metal to create shapes in the enamel material, as well as to separate colors. Cloisonne enamel is one of the most important types from an artistic standpoint, as it can yield some of the most beautiful results — and the technique itself is arduous and time-consuming. On top of that, enameling requires constant baking and treating the dial throughout the creation process.

Ematelier wanted to re-create, in slightly larger form, those original designs and so began by carefully re-creating the dials themselves. He chose them to fit the Rolex Datejust 41 Replica Watch for a few reasons, one being the depth of the dial.

Given that enamel dials are thicker than standard dials, to make the dial fit, the date complication is removed from the Rolex Replica movement in order to make space for the dial. I don’t think anyone will miss the date when presented with a dial such as this.

Though Ematelier can actually use authentic Rolex crown logos on the dials, if so inclined. What’s interesting is that these aftermarket modified Rolex watches are fully reversible, meaning that a watchmaker can remove the enamel dial and then replace the original Best Replica Rolex dial while reassembling parts of the movement.

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