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Rolex Explorer II Replica – Official Guide

Just like how the GMT-Master is for pilots and the Submariner is for divers, the Rolex Explorer II Replica Watch was built for spelunkers.The 24-hour hand circles the dial once per day and displays the time in relation to the fixed bezel, which allows the wearer to distinguish between day and night hours without needing to reference the sun.


The reference 1655 was the first iteration of the Rolex Explorer II. These early ref. 1655 Rolex Replica watches were outfitted with bright orange 24-hour hands; however you will also find certain examples that have their 24-hour hands in red. With that in mind, the color of the hands on many ref. 1655 watches has faded to some degree or another. Orange hands can be varying shades of orange, and a fair number of the red hands now actually appear orange in color.

Another defining feature of this 24-hour hand is its large arrow-tip, which garnered the ref. 1655 the nickname ‘Freccione’ – the Italian word for ‘arrow’ being freccia.In regards to the 24-hour hand itself, you will notice that its triangular tip is filled with lume, with the tip extending straight out to point directly at the corresponding hour on the fixed 24-hour bezel.

Additionally, for this generation of the Best Replica Rolex Explorer II, its 24-hour hand is not independently adjustable. This means that it is permanently synchronized to the rest of the hands, and will just make one full rotation of the dial every 24-hours.


Sharing a movement with the GMT-Master II collection, the 24-hour hands on this generation of the Explorer II look identical to the one ones found on the GMT. The one exception is the hands of the white or ‘Polar’ dial version of the ref. 16570, which are finished black rather than polished white gold like on the ref. 16550 and the black dial versions of both references.

Instead of featuring the ‘fat’ arrow, the 24-hour hand was elongated, thinned out, and colored red. Additionally, as it was now independently adjustable from the regular time-telling hands, the Rolex Replica Explorer II’s 24-hour hand became a GMT-hand and could display a second timezone. The luminous arrow tip continued to exist, but was miniaturized and moved all the way up to the tip.

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