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Best Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Outlet

The Best Replica Rolex GMT-Master series has been the last word in luxury travel watches for more than six decades.

Rolex GMT-Master II Setup - How to Track 3 Time Zones Pepsi

On the earliest generations of the Rolex GMT-Master, the two hour hands were directly linked to each other, meaning they couldn’t be set separately. To read a secondary time zone, the bezel had to be turned to line up the numerals with the GMT hand.

Rolex GMT-Master II Setup 3 Time Zones two-tone

How To Set The Rolex GMT-Master II

During the flight, to help the body acclimate to the time difference, Luxury Replica Rolex GMT-Master II owners can set the regular 12-hour hand to the time in their destination, and leave the 24-hour GMT hand set to display the time in their home city.

Rolex GMT-Master II Tutorial - How to Track 3 Time Zones Batgirl

They can then read the current time normally off the dial, and their home time off the corresponding numeral that the 24-hour hand points to on the bezel.

Rolex GMT-Master II Setup Guide for 3 Time Zones gold

Although all Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches can be used to display a third time zone, it should be noted that only two can be read simultaneously.

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