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Luxury Rolex GMT Master Replica Watches

The Rolex Replica Watches GMT-Master was renamed the GMT-Master II with the new reference 16760. The watch now had, as standard, a sapphire crystal, quick set date and glossy dial with white gold surround hour markers. The big innovation and the reason for the addition of the “II” in the name was a new independently setting 24hr hand. This was a big development in the line and made the watch a lot more versatile and able to monitor three time zones.

This Cheap Rolex Replica watch featured the new caliber 3185, which was very similar to the previous caliber. The most noticeable difference with the updated model was the slimmer case. This change in profile of the watch was welcomed by buyers, who had felt that the thickness of the ‘Fat Lady’s’ case was too much.

The watch was available in either black dial or green dial. A new green 24-hour hand on the black dial version complimented the Rolex “GMT MASTER II” Replica text that was also green. On the green dial the text was all in gold and was complimented by a gold 24-hour hand.

The new watches were powered by the caliber 3186 that had powered the later years’ models of the 16710. The launch of the gold watch in 2005 was quickly followed up in successive years by the two tone 116713 in 2006 and the steel 116710 in 2007. The Best Rolex Replica Watches were only available with black dials featuring the green 24-hour hand and green “GMT-MASTER II” text.

The development of the ceramic bezel was a big deal for Rolex 1:1 Replica Watches and it took many years to perfect. Rolex named the material Cerachrom, which is an amalgam of ceramic and chrome. The insert is baked at over 1600 degrees Celsius where it transforms into one of the most scratch and uv light resistant materials on the planet!

Rolex unveiled the steel 116710 BLNR with black and blue Cerachrom insert, where the black half represented night hours and the blue daylight. Finally, the brand had found a way to create a two-colour bezel.

The black and blue worked well together and Rolex Quality Replica Watches were proud of the achievement of mixing the colours, which was a significant technological feat that no other brand had managed to do. The watch was given a couple of nicknames by the collector community – The Batman was the most popular.

The Pepsi cerachrom bezel first debuted in the 116719BLRO – a white gold GMT-Master II that really did have the heritage look of the ‘Pepsi’ bezel in a very modern sports Replica Watches China. Then in 2018 the steel 126710BLRO was launched!

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