Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica

The First Rolex Oyster Watch In 1926

What you see is the two versions of the first Rolex Oyster watch, in other words, the world’s first waterproof watch. It was proven on the swimmer’s wrist and it was a considerable deal when it was released in 1926. The origin of the name of the oyster is quite simple. It borrowed the marine mollusc of the same name and has since become the hallmark of Rolex. In fact, all Rolex Replica Watches produced today are technically part of the Rolex Oyster series (except for the less common Cellini Prince models), sharing the first Rolex Oyster watch, focusing on durability and water resistance.

Oyster octogonale – 1926. Montres historiques – Première version de chaque modèle, de 1908 à nos jours. No de Collection 0749

Rolex was a young brand when the original Rolex Oyster watch was released, but until the late Rolex history, the brand was almost entirely focused on the Rolex concept. Hans Wilsdorf, born and living in London, entered the watch industry in 1905 and issued watches in the UK and the British Empire. A few years later, he continued to produce his own watch, and the name Rolex Replica appeared in 1908. Around 1920, he moved to Bien, Switzerland, and opened Montres Rolex S.A., all of which really started. Just six years later, the brand’s iconic product line is coming soon.

Oyster coussin. Montres historiques – Première version de chaque modèle, de 1908 à nos jours. No. de Collection 1291

In the later Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, further development helped to improve the safety of the movement. In 1931, Rolex developed a module to adapt to the action of automatic winding, so “Oyster Perpetual” was born. This new term is added to the Cheap Rolex Replica Watches style, today is the dial of all Rolex watches. If you want to know why “Oyster Perpetual” appears on the dial of every Rolex watch sold these days, this is good. Automatic winding is good for waterproofing and other durability issues because the wearer does not have to screw the crown and manually wind up to open a small area of ​​the case. The permanent rotor (because it is called) allows the watch to be wrapped only by wearing it.

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