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“ROLEX And Idol” Video Campaign Launched A Famous Wearer

Rolex Replica Watches has just launched a smart new video campaign called Rolex and Idol. People often ask us “Which watch brands are using social media?” This requires a lot of thinking, because only a few people think of even using social media social media properly. We even asked experts who tracked such data, and it seems that in most cases, fashion brands with a large number of women’s products (Cartier and Chanel) do their best, and not their watch to keep social media growing. Rolex may be late in social media games, but they have already begun.

Each video is about 30 seconds, and the video has a unique sharp sound, Rolex writing and sleek production value. The message is “This person is very famous and influential… and he wears Rolex Replica.” To be honest, Rolex has many such stories in history, and there may be at least twenty such video materials. Rolex is fortunate to have a very famous wrist, they put on their products, and using these stories for their current branding work is a wise choice.

Of course, this is a non-product related activity with little or no discussion about current Rolex watches. Rolex has understood what I have been telling the brand for years – marketing involves two different types of communication. One is to communicate with your product and the other is about the communication of your brand. Fake Rolex Watches tends not to merge the two, I think it is very smart. This is the case with Rolex and icon campaigns, a sweet and simple picture of a historical icon wearing a Rolex watch. These videos are even presented like mini-documentaries, adding to the “information” nature of the media. It did a very good job and showed that Rolex has planned how to properly handle social media and internet marketing/advertising for years.

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